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Alyssa Tong
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  • Clara Kim on Quartet Administration
  • Jinjoo Cho on Getting a Teaching Job in Academia
  • Nathan Cole on Metronome Practice
  • Elizabeth Faidley on Practice Planning and Setting Up Your Private Studio
  • Kimberlee Dray on Exercises for Your Best Comeback: Staying in Shape and Warming Up
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Monday August 12th
Reneé-Paule Gauthier
Mental and Mindful Practice: How to Practice Effectively and Maximize Your Time
10am EST
John-Henry Crawford
Practice Habits to Improve Your Intonation

12pm EST
Theo Bockhorst
Organizing and Balancing Practice Time: Experiencing the 10k Hours Challenge
2pm EST
Danny Koo
Practicing for the Concert Stage and Simulating High Pressure
4pm EST
Sirena Huang
Preparing to Play with Orchestra

6pm EST
Tessa Lark
Motivated Practicing: Goal Setting, Leaving the Classical World
8pm EST
Tuesday, August 13th
Ken Kubota
Audio/Video Production, Social Media, and Pop Covers: Expanding Outside Your Genre
10am EST
Ariel Horowitz
Music And Social Justice: Make a Change!

12pm EST
Sarah Joy
Recording Non-Classical Music: Arranging Covers & the Recording Process
2pm EST
Laura Bossert & 
Terry King
Be a Lifetime Entrepreneur: How to Always Create Ideas
4pm EST
Jinjoo Cho
Running a Festival: How It Works

6pm EST
Elizabeth Faidley
Teaching to Encourage and Inspire: Setting Your Private Students Up for Success
8pm EST
Wednesday, August 14th
Alyssa Tong
Exercises for Pain: How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Strong
10am EST
Jennifer Roig-Francoli
Mindset Secrets for Great Performance: Learn the Alexander Technique Online
12pm EST
Sophia Bacelar
Mental and Physical Wellness: Take Care of Yourself!

2pm EST
David Harrington
Whole Body Wellness: Playing with Your Whole Body

4pm EST
Gallia Kastner
Exercises to Help You Warm Up and Not Get Injured

6pm EST
Sara Ferrandez
Overcoming Stage Fright and Other Mental Blocks

8pm EST
Thursday, August 15th
Elmar Oliviera
What Competition Committees Look for And How to Practice For That
10am EST
Nathan Cole
Orchestral Auditions: Plan Your Practice Effectively

12pm EST
Nikki Naghavi
College Auditions: How to Plan, Prep, Practice and Nail Them!

2pm EST
Clara Kim
Quartet Life: How to Compete Successfully and Self-Manage

4pm EST
Luke Hsu
Competing with a Healthy Mindset to Achieve Success

6pm EST
Lydia Rhea
Strategies for Festival and School Auditions aka How to Not Freak Out Every Year
8pm EST
Friday, August 16th
Natsuki Kumagai
Orchestral Musician Life: How to Score the Position, Juggle Lots of Rep and Secure the Job
10am EST
Annie Fullard
Chamber Music Rehearsing: The Art Of Collaboration

12pm EST
Sumina Studer
Going Overseas for School: What Schools are like in Other Countries and How to Adjust
2pm EST
Kimberlee Dray
Finding Your Place as a Musician

4pm EST
Matthew Lipman
Being a Viola Soloist (Breaking Stereotypes and Boundaries)

6pm EST
Alyssa Tong
Creating and Hosting the Summit: You Can Be a Music Entrepreneur
8pm EST
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